Patient Stories

After 16 years of suffering through headaches and neck pain from a childhood accident, I decided to begin my chiropractic treatment at Atlas Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Since I began my treatment at Atlas, I felt an immediate improvement in my overall well being. My headaches are now completely gone and I feel an increased blood flow to my head. I have also felt a decrease in my neck pain and tension. Thanks to Drs. D'Amato my body finally feels relaxed and well!


I suffered from chronic neuropathic pain since 1996 when I had a serious car accident which resulted in two spinal fusion surgeries. I had tried chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy and pain management but never achieved lasting pain relief. I was on numerous pain medications and sleep aides over the last several years and my day to day existence was completely ruled by my "disability."

My son James had met Dr. Christa D'Amato at a business meeting and when he heard the type of treatment that was done here so I thought I might get some help there. All of this began as I said after the accident on 2/10/96 and at that time I had two pre-teen sons, was married living in a 2500 sq/ft home working full-time as a legal secretary/real estate paralegal and part-time as a Ballet instructor. Because of those injuries and the surgeries I was unable to work, teach ballet or care for my home. My life as I knew it ended. Over the last 14 years I have sought treatment and tried to work again but the pain always kept me from succeeding in getting off disability and back to "normal."

Since I began treating here I have gotten off all the prescription pain medicines and am now successfully in my own business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I am also dancing again with my church's dance ministry that I co-lead.

I am amazed at how well the Atlas Orthogonal way of adjusting the spine has relieved my pain without the rough cracking of the old way of chiropractic. I am so grateful for the care I received here. The staff is great working with my complicated schedule and most of all, I feel so much better! Thanks so much!


After years of suffering through daily headaches, countless doctor visits and medications, I took the advice of a friend and went to Atlas Chiropractic.

Teaching is a demanding job without headaches. I can't express how they affect my abilities in the classroom. But, things turned around this summer.

Within two months of receiving Chiropractic care, I have experienced a marked improvement. The headaches are so infrequent now! I have been able to enjoy my children and their activities this summer. I'm looking forward to going back to school headache free!!! I wish I came to Atlas sooner!

Thanks, Dr. Ron and Atlas Chiropractic!


Since I began my first treatment I could feel a difference immediately; Not only with my headaches and back aches, but my overall well being and health. Seeing Dr. D'Amato has changed my life completely. My migraines and back aches were very debilitating and affected every aspect of my life for more than ten months. I have been migraine free since my first visit to his office and this was done with no pills or surgery.

Drs. D'Amato and staff are wonderful; I only wish the office was open 2:00 PM everyday (or at least twice a week).

Atlas Chiropractic treatment has been an answer to my prayers and I will continue weekly treatment for the rest of my life!

Jo Anne