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The Goal of the Chiropractic Doctor

A chiropractic adjustment can cure a multitude of symptoms.

The chiropractic doctor's goal is always to correct the problem, not simply hide the symptoms. At Atlas Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in New Jersey, we believe in focusing on the patient's overall health by providing natural, drugless, non-surgical chiropractic treatments that allow the body's inherent recuperative abilities to function optimally.

The goal of our Chiropractic Doctors Ronald & Christa D'Amato is to first determine if you are a chiropractic candidate and then correct the problem, not hide the symptoms.

Chiropractic Adjustments & Treatments

The chiropractic adjustment helps the body do what it was made to do: self heal and self regulate. More specifically, a chiropractic adjustment frees the body of vertebral subluxations, misaligned spinal bones that cause irritation and interference to the surrounding spinal nerves. Therefore, proper alignment helps the body to heal and regulate optimally, resulting in a decrease or elimination of symptoms.

A chiropractic adjustment is a natural form of treatment that operates on the premise that the body is designed to heal itself. Chiropractic doctors undergo extensive schooling and are highly trained in the human body and radiology. They use gentle chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal misalignments (subluxations) and relieve pressure on sensitive nerves. They often combine this form of chiropractic treatment with other non-invasive modalities such as muscle stimulation, ultrasound, massage, and mechanical traction. Therapeutic exercises are used to rebuild core strength and maintain permanent correction.

Natural chiropractic treatments can relieve your pain

Chiropractic treatment plans are tailored to address your individual needs and unique factors with the ultimate goal of helping you reach maximum clinical improvement over the briefest period of time. The doctors at Atlas Chiropractic provide each patient with the tools necessary to achieve long-term correction and improved quality of life.

Our chiropractic doctors will find the source of your pain. Stop by for a consultation today. Our office is conveniently located in Clifton, NJ.

Proper Chiropractic Treatment Can Address Many Different Types of Pain:

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Our chiropractic doctors will find the source of your pain

Chiropractic Adjustments Can Provide Relief for Many Conditions Other Than Pain

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